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Why Join LeTip?


Our people-first, relationship-driven business networking model will grow your business and sales force!

Leads and Referrals

Grow your business with a built-in sales force! Our chapter of 60+ business professionals is always working for you, connecting you to friends, family, and other professional contacts in a reliable, trustworthy atmosphere.
Business Tips

Do you need a mentor to grow your business? How about 30 mentors? We think of the LeTip Hackensack as a little business family, growing and supporting each other through referrals and business tips. Find out how others have grown their business and hear tips from experts in many industries!
Professional Development Opportunities

Your college public speaking class isn’t the last speech you’ll ever give—and for good reason! Hackensack LeTip includes many professional development opportunities, from educational seminars to professional speaking opportunities, all which help you increase exposure and strengthen your professionalism.

The 5 Reasons To Join LeTip

A LeTip membership
“puts dollars in your pocket!

LeTip members learn
“to be better public speakers.

LeTip is a family and
“members are loyal to one another.

LeTip members have a reliable source of
“business professionals to recommend to clients, family, and friends.

LeTip stimulates the “Feel Good Factor”
“that great feeling we get in our hearts when we another towards success.

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