Try These Top Professional Development Tools for Success in 2022!

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With the New Year in full swing, and many people wondering how they can further their professional development goals for 2022, the team at LeTip of Hackensack has some great ideas. Start your new year off right with these amazing tools for your professional development!

TED Talks

If you want to become more knowledgeable, well-rounded, or diverse, or even if you want to dig deeper into your own profession’s information, check out any of hundreds of TED talks available free online! These can help you better understand your community, build professional speaking skills, and open your mind to new ideas.


Not a listener? Try reading professional development blogs, and blogs from other professionals in your field. When you start your professional networking journey, you need to find some mentors, role models, and “bad examples” to avoid! Reading other people’s experiences online can be a great way to promote some second-hand learning. Even better? Search for bloggers who live locally and try to connect in person!

Professional Networking Groups

The fastest and easiest way to expand your professional network is to join a professional networking group in New Jersey. Professional networking groups like LeTip of Hackensack are brought together by a major, common goal: to get more business referrals! If you want to expand your business or make your brand more relevant, joining a professional networking group is worth the cost!

The Classic Coffee Date

Want to step back from digital improvements? Try inviting a colleague, mentor, or office neighbor out for a cup of coffee! Remember, the best networking hubs come from outside of your usual professional circle, so don’t hesitate to push your own boundaries.

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