Try These Ideas to Expand Your Professional Network at NJ’s Special Events

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Now that most people are embracing a post-pandemic life (or some semblance of one!) professional networking events in New Jersey are returning, as well as special events, community events, and holiday events. Are you maximizing your professional network at these events? If not, check out these ideas for professional networking in Hackensack!

Donate To A Good Cause To Expand Your Brand’s Reach
Does your community have charitable marathons, community fundraisers, holiday events, or seasonal festivals? Are there good causes that align with your brand and business? Why not donate to them? Your donations can be financial, or can be supplies, goods, or services from your own business. Your accountant will sadly let you know that your valuable time is not tax-deductible, but building your brand has payouts that last for years!

Represent Your Local Networking Group At A Community Event
Another way to harness the power of professional networking in Hackensack is to represent your local networking group at community events. Professional networking organizations, such as Le Tip of Bergen Country, are always looking for new, high-performing members from many industries. Why not go where the people are and see if you can represent yourself—and your professional network—at one of those?

Promote Your Brand With A Theme!
Is a special holiday or event coming to town? Can your firm jump on that bandwagon? Themed incentives and coordinated marketing between multiple businesses can be a fun way to give the community more resources, while also helping you to expand your professional reach. Consider offering discounts to those who engage in partner activities, or special rewards for those who meet with you at a special event.

Your business and professional network have so much room to grow! Help both expand when you meet new people and find more business referrals with Le Tip of Hackensack!