These Three Summer-Fun-Friendly Activities Build Professional Development in NJ

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As a business professional in New Jersey, you have plenty to do to promote professional development and networking. But who wants to spend summer days doing boring work activities? The professionals at LeTip have some better ways to boost your professional development while enjoying the summer fun. Keep reading to find out more!

Attend A Community Event, Charity Function, Or Networking Fair

Special events in your community are a wonderful way to build your professional development. This could be anything from a neighborhood meetup, to a charity marathon, to a public health event. Attending community events in your industry can build your B2B branding, but any engagement with your local business community will boost your professional network and open doors to new leads.

Catch up on Professional Development Reading Poolside

Sure, it’s fun to dive into an exciting novel by the pool (or sink into the screen of your smartphone!), but why not make the best use of your relaxation time? A quiet evening at the pool, country club, or beach can be a surprisingly nice place to catch up on continuing education requirements, industry updates, or community news.

Plan Your Own Special Event For Professional Networking

Many industries slow down over the summer, which may leave you with additional spare time. Do you have enough time to coordinate a special professional networking event? Whether you plan a summer BBQ, a hiring fair, a mentorship event, or anything else, your free time could translate to valuable referrals. Don’t have time to do it all? If you’re a member of LeTip, you could partner with other chapter members to host an exciting summer networking event in NJ.You’re a strong business professional on your own, but just imagine your reach if your professional network expanded? Build your network strong, develop your professional image, and get more referrals when you check out LeTip of Hackensack!