These Professional Networking Mistakes Could Cost You Your Contacts!

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Are you building a name for your brand through professional networking in New Jersey? If so, we hope it’s a good name—bad networking can sometimes be worse than no networking at all. If nobody knows you, nobody has a bad idea. But you want good networks, so keep reading to see which mistakes you should avoid!

Lacking a Purpose

If you show up to a networking event, you should have a goal in mind. Is it to meet new people who can connect youwith a job in your field? Are you looking for a mentor who can help you grow professionally? Do you need referrals—and do you have some to share? When you go networking, always go with a plan!

Not Having Your Business Set Up

Don’t go to networking events only to scribble your only contact information——ona cocktail napkin! You want to network as a business, so make sure you have your business elements set up. That means a professional email address, a dedicated phone number, and hopefully, business cards. Online print shops charge pennies for these, so get some today! Custom pens, flash drives, note pads, or other “bling” can be a fun change of pace, but are a lot harder to file away. Consider adding an RFID to your marketing materialsto make it easy for people to add you to their contacts list!

Not Giving Back

Professional networking organizations in New Jersey depend on dedicated, engaged, and active members. Even if you’ve paid your financial dues, you still owe it to your group to attend, share referrals, and help everyone build up stronger. When you “drop in” to a professional network, snap up all the resources you need, and head out, you leave others in the dark—and probably won’t be invited to return. Give as much as you get, andeveryone wins!
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