Returning to the Office? These Professional Development Tips Put You Ahead

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After months and months of pandemic-related office closures, most of the nation is back to work! Have you been keeping up with professional development during NJ’s shutdowns? If not, don’t worry—Le Tip of Hackensack has some great tips!

Tip #1: Skills. Do you have some rusty skills from all the work-from-home time? Or are you looking to be the best new “something” when everyone returns to work? Take time now to boost valuable skills, such as digital fluency, communication, or something specific to your job. Connecting with other professionals can be a great way to start!

Tip #2: Feedback. Instead of wondering how your work is going, seek specific feedback. If there is a pattern between you and a supervisor, or you and employee, that gets in the way of candid and useful feedback, seek help from that person in resolving that pattern. Clear business communication is one of the best ways to grow as a professional.

Tip #3: Mentor. Yes, digital mentors were a thing—but don’t you miss connecting with someone else at the office who can share stories about their past challenges and successes? If you are new to a firm, this is the perfect time to find an official or unofficial mentor. If you’re the seasoned employee, see if you can find a newcomer to mentor. The benefits of professional mentoring go both ways.

Tip #4: Network! Now that things are picking up in person again, why not reconsider your networking strategy? Professional networking opportunities in NJ were hard to come by for quite a while, but Hackensack’s professional networking community is up and active again.

Ready to boost your professional development? You may want to consider joining a professional networking and development group like Le Tip of Hackensack! Our monthly meetings don’t just get referrals for everyone—we have guest speakers and workshops to help you meet your professional development goals.