Is Working from Home the New Normal? Try These Remote Work Professional Networking Tips Today!

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Two years after the COVID-19 pandemic first arrived in the United States, many professionals are still working and networking from home. In fact, for many professionals, a remote or hybrid work environment may be the way of the future. If you’re going to be working from home for the foreseeable future, you may want to try these remote work professional networking tips today!

Catch Up By Email—and Share!
Email is still going strong for business contacts, and can be a great way to catch up on your professional networking connections. One of the best ways to start an email conversation with a professional contact is to share something that you would both find interesting—an article about business in your area, a professional development, new research. Replicate that “sharing around the water cooler” feeling with professional networking!

Attend a Professional Networking Group in NJ
If you have professional networking groups near you, you should start attending them regularly. Professional networking groups in NJ are a great way to meet new networking connections, strengthen old ones, and help other professionals in your area to grow referrals!

Hold a Special Virtual Event for Your Professional Group
Do you have something you do well? Something you could share with your professional group? host a special virtual event to get everyone “together.” This could be a training, a presentation on something new, or just a fun event that would get others in your field interested. Make sure to reach out not only to your other remote or hybrid work contacts, but those who are back in the office as well. Virtual events are easy and don’t require many resources, but can greatly expand your outreach.

Ready to get back into professional networking? LeTip of Hackensack is a great place to get started if you work in northern NJ, or see if there’s a chapter near you with openings in your industry!