Is The Great Resignation Really A Great Reshuffle? Professional Development in NJ Opens Opportunities

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If you’re a part of the “great resignation,” you know that now is the time to focus on professional development! Actually, many people have realized by now that the trend toward resignation doesn’t mean everyone’s off to retire or enjoy a never-ending vacation—most business professionals are simply shuffling around to find work that is more suitable. How are you developing yourself and your brand? Here are some ideas from LeTip of Hackensack!

Attend Professional Networking Events in NJ
Whether you work for yourself or for someone else, your professional network is the path to success. For those who own their own businesses, a professional networking group or event can offer so many benefits—including finding new referrals for future clients! Even more, your professional networking group can be a source of support, especially as you and the rest of the workplace shuffles up and settles down.

Use Down Time To Promote Professional Development
If you’ve worked for others for years, and are now starting to expand yourself and your professional services, now is the time to focus on your professional development. If you have extra time built up after leaving a job that didn’t quite suit you, make sure to use downtime to boost your personal brand, including everything from reviewing your resume or CV, to checking up on old references, to continuing education.

Build Your B2B Brand with Help From Local Mentors
As you prepare yourself and your brand to re-enter today’s new business world, wouldn’t it be great to have a support group or mentor? Especially for those who are self-employed or run their own business, it can be nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of. When you join a professional networking organization, you can find support where you need it—including mentors from similar industries.
Don’t feel stuck in your profession—now is the time for positive change. Join a professional networking group near you for access to all these benefits and more!