Find Out The Secret To Getting Ahead Of The Pack With Professional Networking During The Holiday Season

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What do you spend your holiday season doing? If you live in New Jersey, professional networking during the holiday season could get you ahead of the pack by the time the new year starts. Keep reading to find out how!

Send a Holiday Email

If you have professional contacts you have not talked to in a while, a holiday email or postcard will likely be well-received. Unlike “cold-calling,” holiday messages do not demand a reply—they can just brighten the recipient’s day. But they also keep your brand relevant, and your networking options open.

Attend a Professional Networking Event

For a deeper connection, why not attend a holiday professional networking event? While these are often few and far-between, as they have to compete with family and friend visits, many professional networking organizations in New Jersey continue to meet through the holidays. This could be a chance to make a close connection at a smaller meeting, or to connect with new and different professionals than you usually do.

Update Your Resume or Website

Spending the holidays avoiding work and relaxing at home? Do you have a little time for professional development in-between holiday leftovers and too much eggnog? If so, the holiday season can be a perfect time to update your resume to sell yourself, or to update your website to sell your brand. This is a perfect time to clean up your online presence before the new year, to set goals for your progress, or to make sure your photos aren’t outdated.

No matter what you do this holiday season, keep in mind that your business will be right there, waiting for you when you return. Why not set yourself up for success by using this time to get ahead? For amazing professional development and networking opportunities in Hackensack, NJ, check out LeTip of Hackensack!