Boost Your Career This Summer With Professional Development Resources

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Professional development opportunities in NJ can be hard to find—unless you’re a member of a professional networking organization like LeTip of Hackensack! Our members enjoy year-round access to resources, tools, and mentors to grow their career. Because we love to see our local business community grow, we like to share some of our favorite tips and resources with the public. Could this summer be the perfect time to boost your professional career? Keep reading for great career-building ideas.

Harness Your B2B Brand
One of the most important things you can do to expand your professional reach is to have a well-defined and high-performing brand image. In the B2B world, this is especially important! When you start thinking about your brand, you may think about the colors, words, and attitude that represent it. You might spend time working on branding materials, marketing messages, or your “30-second elevator pitch” to strengthen your brand.

Connect With Other Professionals in NJ
Word of mouth referrals are like gold in the professional networking field. But who can refer more clients and customers your way? When you join a professional networking group in NJ, you can connect—and share—with other professionals near you. Be the best-connected person in your social group, and the top performer in your industry, with professional networking.

Organize and Plan
Looking for a way to boost your career without additional “face time”? If your client flow slows over the summer months, why not make time to organize and plan for the future? Whether that means dedicating an hour per week to tidying up the file pile (you can’t call it a filing cabinet until it’s filed!), cleaning up your email contacts so you only send messages to active users, or making a plan to roll out a new product or service in fall, a little planning goes a long way.

Ready to start networking with industry leaders near you? Professional networking organizations in New Jersey can help! Consider joining Le Tip to get more referrals and boost your business fast!