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About LeTip

LeTip International is the largest privately owned, professional business lead organization in the world! The International organization was founded in 1978, and has expanded to over 525 chapters in North America alone. When you join LeTip, you have access to a personal referral network of thousands of B2B leaders, all helping each other to grow their businesses as successfully as possible. The LeTip of Hackensack is just one of these chapters, and we hope you’ll join us!

Who We Are

The members of the Hackensack LeTip chapter are a serious group of go-getters, mostly business owners and top representatives for their companies. All have one goal in common: Growing their personal client base and providing other group members with legitimate business leads! Our chapter meets every week to help each other gain business. In the process of sharing referrals, we build strong relationships and confidence in our community, helping to grow our business acumen and strengthening referrals.

When you network with LeTip, you get to know your chapter members. That helps you to feel even more comfortable passing business their way! When you pass on referrals, you are confident in that person’s professionalism, and when you put a friend, family member, or professional contact in touch with one of our professionals, you know you can stand behind that recommendation!

What We Do

Would you like to double your sales force overnight? What if your sales team had dozens of people, from a wide variety of professionals, who help you connect your business to interested customers? What if you, and dozens of others, helped others to connect their businesses to interested customers? That’s what networking with LeTip is like! Our network of trusted professionals helps you refer clients, and for you to get referrals, in an easy, friendly, trustworthy setting.

LeTip of Hackensack is an organization of professionals dedicated to mutual support and providing valuable word-of-mouth marketing for one another. We limit our chapter to only one representative from each professional area in order to maximize referrals. In between the referrals, our professional development services and business opportunities help you to grow into a stronger and more capable business professional.





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