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Networking Done The Way It Should Be

People meeting people, discussing business over a cup of coffee. Real leads. Real relationships.


So What's Next?

Stop in and see what we are all about. We meet every Wednesday at 7am.


Grow Your Sales Team

Having a larger sales team will give your company the ability to land more work. When you join Hackensack LeTip, all of our members become part of your sales team.

Rocket Your Leads

Now that you have a larger sales team you have drastically increased your ability to gain leads. We only pass solid leads. Not the kind where you may or may not get a call. When we KNOW someone needs your services, we make sure you get your foot in the door.

Dollars In Your Pocket

You got the team, you got the leads. We all know what comes next. When you join LeTip of Hackensack we all work hard to help each other continue to build successful businesses and we would love to have you be a part of it.

Do You Like Breakfast?

We do. That’s why we think networking happens best over a cup of coffee, some OJ and some fresh cooked breakfast. Join us every week and enjoy a great breakfast while we pass business to each other.

We Are Social

It isn’t just about work. Don’t get us wrong, it is mostly about work…HOWEVER, Hackensack LeTip prides itself on the relationships we build here. We have BBQ’s and parties outside of the weekly meeting. Building relationships help us pass leads.

Visit for FREE

Well mostly. We would love for you to come visit 2x before we ask that you join the group. So come give us a shot. Test it out. If you think it would be a good fit then we can sit down and talk about the costs. We think you will see that the price vs the value of becoming a member is well worth it.

LeTip of Hackensack is a local business Networking Group that meets every Wednesday morning for the purposes of exchanging business leads. Anyone can attend two LeTip meetings, free of charge, to see if LeTip is right for them and their business. If you join LeTip, you are no longer out there selling on your own, you now have a sales force of professional business people bringing you qualified leads every week. And remember, once you join, you “own” your category and your competition is excluded from your chapter.

So unlike the local Chamber of Commerce there can be only one electrician, one banker, one realtor, etc. in the group and all the leads for your category are given to you – and only you. Business leads are not limited to within the group. Malcolm Gladwell who wrote Tipping Point and Blink suggests we all have about 200 people in our circle of friends. Our LeTip group has 30+ members which translates into the potential of 6,000+ business leads for each member of our group. At Hackensack LeTip we Take Networking Seriously! Come see why and enjoy breakfast on us!

Increase Sales

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